Avoiding Trade Show Marketing Mistakes

What is most important "innovation or effective local business marketing strategy"? Certainly it is very difficult to answer. Let's come to the point. We are not going to have a heated debate over the issue. We just try to say that marketing policy or strategy is very important indeed to promote product or service. Regardless of large or small, local business marketing or international business marketing branding and product promotional secret should be come first. Trade show marketing strategy is a great part of marketing strategy and it is a very hot issue now a days. Just look at China. China is organizing world largest trade show. The show is truly gigantic. But some common mistakes over trade show can make the things worse. Let's try to find how to avoid that mistake.

Plan carefully

A good trade show planning can certainly very useful to boost up company's marketing issue. Making a good balance between strategic marketing and exhibit marketing plan should be considered. Ask yourself whether you would like to promote existing products or introduce new products.

Fix budget

Budget is mostly responsible to generate promotional activities level. So fix your budget and then try to make a meaningful theme or message related to strategic marketing plan to help promotional decisions. If you are planning to participate international trade show then budget would be much higher. So carefully make a balance between your budget and expectation from the trade show.

Know target market

Know your target and implement various promotional programs like e-mail, sending faxes, providing wristbands, TV advertising, printing ad and so on. Marketing through online is also very cost effective. Besides many promotional campaign just try to make sure that visitors are attracted and visit you.

Maintain good relation with press

Remember press naturally contributes a lot to promote your company's image or brand. So arrange press releases to let the others know about your product/service, or highlighting a new application or market venture. Just remember press can sink you and also can give a good lift.

Show Uniqueness

Try to differentiate you from others by gaining visitors mind. Good looking booth, smart booth attendants can attract visitors. The key point is to present make you unique from too many exhibitors. Participate in trade show is not everything you want. It is just the beginning. Main focus should be promotion of new or existing products or services effectively.

Data Mining Can Improve Your Business Growth

Data mining suggests to process of analyzing data from different angel and summarizing it into useful information - that improve revenue, reduce costs, or both. Data mining software is an innovative and important analytical tools for analyzing data. It allows jasminlive users to analyze data from many different dimensions or angles, categorize it, and summarize the relationships identified.

Todays business house faces intense competition. Thus Companies have opted powerful computers to sift through volumes of supermarket scanner data and analyze market research reports for years. However, relentless innovations in computer processing power, disk storage, and statistical software are dramatically increasing the accuracy of analysis while driving down the cost.

Data mining emphasizes on consumer focus – retail, financial, communication, and marketing organizations.These variables enables business houses to asses relationships among "internal" factors such as price, product positioning, or staff skills, and "external" factors such as economic indicators, competition, and customers. And, it enables them to determine the impact on sales, customer satisfaction, and corporate profits. Finally, it enables them to "drill down" into summary information to view detail transactional data.

Data mining allows a retailer to use point-of-sale records of customer purchases to send targeted promotions based on an individual's purchase history. By mining demographic data from comment or warranty cards, the retailer could develop products and promotions to appeal to specific customer segments.

Recently a a large chain super shop have used the data mining capacity of Oracle software to analyze local buying patterns. They discovered that when men bought diapers on Thursdays and Saturdays, they also tended to buy beer. Further analysis showed that these shoppers typically did their weekly grocery shopping on Saturdays. On Thursdays, however, they only bought a few items. The retailer concluded that they purchased the beer to have it available for the upcoming weekend. The grocery chain could use this newly discovered information in various ways to increase revenue. For example, they could move the beer display closer to the diaper display. And, they could make sure beer and diapers were sold at full price on Thursdays.

Another nice example is WalMart that is pioneering large data mining to transform its supplier relationships. WalMart gathers point-of-sale transactions from over 2,900 stores in 6 countries and continuously transfer this data to its massive 7.5 terabyte Teradata data warehouse. WalMart allows more than 3,500 suppliers, to access data on their products and perform data analyses. These suppliers use this data to identify customer buying patterns at the store display level. They use this information to manage local store inventory and identify new merchandising opportunities. In 1995, WalMart computers processed over 1 million complex data queries.

Green Energy – Make the Planet Green

World is advancing rapidly and consume more energy than ever with the development of technologies. Green energy suggests the idea of using energy such that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition green energy ( Also known as renewable energy) provides lower carbon emissions and create less pollution.

Green energy is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, such as geothermal, wind, solar, and hydro. Sometimes nuclear power is also considered a green energy source. Green energy sources are often considered "green" because they are perceived to Green energy is commonly thought of in the context of electricity generation.


Geothermal is a Greek word where geo, meaning earth, and thermos, meaning heat. In geothermal energy power extracted from heat stored in the earth to produce electricity. In 2007 about 10 gigawats power has been produced through geothermal technology. Geothermal power is reliable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, but it's costly. Drilling and exploration for deep resources costs tens of millions of dollars, and success is not guaranteed. Another obstacle is historically it has been limited to areas near tectonic plate boundaries. However recent technological advances have dramatically expanded the range and size of viable resources, especially for applications such as home heating, opening a potential for widespread exploitation.

Wind power

A widely used natural source to generate power or electricity. This is the technology to convert wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, wind mills for mechanical power, wind pumps for pumping water or drainage, or sails to propel ships. Most of the European countries generate electricity through wind power. Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Ireland most depend on wind power to generate electricity. Now there are about eighty countries around the world are using wind power on a commercial basis. At the end of 2009 wind power generates 157.9 gigawatts (GW) electricity. which is about 1.5% of worldwide electricity usage.

Solar Power

Using sunlight to produce electricity is one of the oldest method in green energy. Solar power is the conversion of sunlight to electricity. Using photovoltaics electricity can be produced by using the Sunlight directly. In indirect way sun's energy help to boil water which is then used to provide power, and technologies such as the Stirling engine dishes which use a Stirling cycle engine to power a generator. Main problem solar power plants can face high installation costs, although this has been decreasing due to the learning curve. Developing countries have started to build solar power plants, replacing other sources of energy generation.

Hydro power

China is the pioneer of hydroelectricity. China produces most of their electricity through hydro power and has the world largest hydro electricity plant. Hydroelectricity is electricity generated by hydro power, i.e., the production of electrical power through the use of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water. It is the most widely used form of renewable energy.

Successful Project Management

A good and effective project management is the secret of any potential venture and successful business. A successful and complete project must be included some key factor like swat analysis, budget, good communication, market survey etc. But a manager should treat any project management in most skilled and efficient way.


Using latest and updated tools and Chaturbate software is a wise decision to manage a project. One can easily find a wide range of project management software and necessary tools related to project management.

Details idea about the project

Project manager must be analysis the project when, how and why the project done. Managers might be conscious of what the project is supposed to complete, what the time frame is for project completion, and what the project budget will be. In project management language this is called the project scope.

Set a Schedule for Project Completion

Managers should plan each part of the jasminelive.online project such a way that they can easily monitor the project team's progress as it works towards project completion.

Distribute job responsibility

If there is a group of people assigned to complete the project, then all members should be clear about their designated tasks, and they should be updated regularly throughout the project schedule. This is known as the work breakdown structure.

Regular monitoring

The project manager should always inform the supervisors or clients about the project's progress with regular monitoring. So a project manager must plan a way to evaluate progress and efficiency of the project. In addition performance management and quality control should be focused.

Be Sure to Document Project Information

Proper documentation is also very key factor to assess the project. All parties related to the project must be informed regularly about project progresses and goals, the time frame for project completion, the task agenda, and the budget. A good manager keeps record the project assessment and monitoring process as well as any problems encountered or changes made along the way.

In conclusion it is suggested that an effective project management usually requires a lot of skill and know-how. So a manager must be skill, efficient and knowledgeable to manage a project properly.

It's About Focus

I am sure people know the real fatal error of the Germans in World War II was opening up too many fronts. Things were going relatively well for them at the beginning of the war when they focused on and easily ran through the Eastern Front in a blitzkrieg (after securing the Western Front and splitting up Poland with Russia). Then they decided to open up on attacking the English to their North and invading Russia (in operation Barbossa) to their West, not to mention having to secure North Africa to their South.

Notice that the Allies eventually landed where else, but to the East, where they originally had everything secure! The point I am making is that you cannot win a battle on all fronts, no matter how strong your army, or web site, is. Too many websites are fighting a battle on all fronts, trying to conquer every possible keyword and losing every battle eventually to other competitors who attack them head on from a divided army. The key to victory in anything is focus. Keyword focus for your site is very important and should be part of your strategy from the very beginning. If you are going to create title tags and descriptions, as well as content, based around specific keywords, make sure you limit it to a reasonable number of keywords (for a small to medium sized site, our seo firm recommends no more then ten keywords). Once you have established that, make sure that your entire offsite link building efforts revolve around those selected keywords.

Bring all of your power to bear on those keywords. (Think of the Allied invasion on D-Day. All of their power focused on only 10% of the German military forces). If your site looks like Nazi occupied Europe and you are being attacked and defeated on all sides, try creating a new keyword strategy and giving up on keywords that you are losing on anyway. Look at your analytics report and determine the keywords that are bringing in the most conversions (or the ones that keep people on the site the longest) and focus all of your energy and link building around those.